Thursday, May 24, 2007

K's Legacy

A long time ago, a girl I went to school with told me an interesting story about her mom and her brother. I'll call her mom K. For some reason K had told the girl's younger brother that if he ever went to the bathroom and his poop was 12 inches long.... she would give him a quarter.

Where the heck does something like that come from?

I had heard this story.... and it stuck with me, but I never shared it for years. As it turns out.... my younger sister had also heard the story. The "brother" was in her grade in school.

Fast forward until several years post high school. My sister and I were travelling in Europe. I have what you might call a "shy colon" (I think it goes back to the time I "went at church, the toilet broke, and my dad told me no one wanted to look at my turd!")


I hadn't been able to go for a few days, but my time finally arrived. I went, and the only thing I could think of was "Wow! K owes me a quarter" A thought I went on to share with my sister, not knowing that she would actually understand. We were both shcked to know that the other had heard the story!

In the years since that time, K's legacy has grown. Other family members and friends have been clued in on the story. I often get text messages, phone calls, or emails asking me to collect the $.25 for them. This poor, sweet, God fearing woman is now thought of whenever one of us "goes."

How would you like THAT to be your legacy?

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Time keeps on ticking (ticking) into the Future.....

I remember eagerly counting down to the end of school each year. This continued through elementary, junior high, high school, and even college and grad school. As a teacher.... you would think I would do the same thing now. But each year it sneaks up on me and I'm broadsided by the announcement "We only have (insert number here) days left!

This year has been a little different. I am due to have a baby on June 3rd, and the last teacher day of school is not until June 5th. I must have been the only person disappointed this year when I got the call for snow days. I currently have 12 days to go until my due date, 14 until the end of school. I must be the only pregnant woman ever to want to go past her due date.

Could it be that I am just a control freak and don't want someone else coming in to finish up my class for the year? Could it be that I don't want to waste any more sick days than necessary? Cold it be that I am just FREAKING out at the thought of having a baby come barreling out of my lady parts, then being responsible for it's upbringing for the next few decades? Yes. I think it might be a little of all of those. But mostly the barreling out of my lady parts.