Monday, November 03, 2008

NOT Nesting

We should be clear. I am NOT nesting. Yes, I am suddenly a bit consumed with getting things done around the house in preparation for the new baby, but that is NOT nesting.

I'm more like one of those birds who instead of building thier own nest, would happily just use some other birds nest for my little one. I'm very ANTI-nesting. Mostly because people seem to think you nest and then give birth shortly after. I repeat, I am NOT nesting

It's all about timing you see.

This baby has a VERY good chance of being born before the Thanksgiving Holiday. That means that there is a good chance that we might have a housefull of family for the holiday. Family that will look at my house and see the cobweb farm we've cultivated, and notice the stack of junk on the counter.

In other words, my mom and dad. My mom was a life saver when Murph was born. Chiefy had a major inspection at work and couldn't be home with us much more than to sleep and shower. But I once caught her on all fours scrubbing my kitchen floor.

I can't relax when she's scrubbing the floor.

And my dad? Well "Big Murph" is a man who notices all, and waits until you least expect it to let you know just what all he saw.

I don't need that kind of pressure.

I'm NOT nesting. I'm just afraid of still getting grounded for a messy room!
The Itchy Bitchies

A few years ago my young neighbor girl (she might have been about 4 at the time) made a slip and instead of saying "creepy crawlies" said she had the "Itchy Bitchies"

I know what she means. I've got a screamin case of the "Itchy Bitchies" myself.

I should explain.

I am now 36 weeks pregnant. With Murph, at the end of my pregnancy I started getting itchy skin. It was mostly on my hands and feet, which I've read is a common pregnancy "symptom". I was able to treat it with a little Benedryl cream and was good to go. At the very end, actually in the hospital while delivering him, the itching got REALLY bad. It was so bad that I ruptured blood vessels in my legs while scratching. So bad that I begged for the Benedryl with almost the same fervor that I begged for the good drugs!


This time around, the itching has crept up much earlier, and with much more intensity.

I'm miserable. My hands and feet are nearly tolerable, but everything else is itching like CRAZY! I have sensitive skin to start, so I haven't changed anything. No new soaps, or creams, or detergents. This is ALL baby!

I'm Itchy. And it makes me, well, I'll admit. It makes me BITCHY!

Fine. It makes me Bitchy-ER!

My arms, legs, stomach, hell my EARS itch. Gold Bond is now my constant companion. I wake up to "dose up" I've even contemplated putting Gold Bond on a Q-Tip just to get inside my ears to stop the itching there. The Chief has quickly learned that he can win any argument with a simple back scratch.

If I didn't feel so repulsive these days I would probably count that as foreplay.

4 more weeks. Sure I'm most excited to meet little Turk, but I'm definitely excited to meet little Turk and go into Itchy Bitchy remission!