Tuesday, July 29, 2008

And then there were six...

We are expanding the family. I think most of the people who happen to read this have known that for awhile. But I haven't even made the official announcement. So there it is.

We are calling the baby Turk. Which is short for Turkey since this is a Thanksgiving baby. Thought since Murph was originally Bear that the animal name would fit right in. We aren't finding out the gender of this one either, so don't ask.

Anyway.... I had one of those silly hormonal pregnant moments yesterday, that I think that some of you might get a chuckle out of.

The boys and I were enjoying our Sonic lunch watching the movie The Incredibles. Have you seen the movie? Well in it there is a scene when the mom is flying a jet and it is being attacked by missles. Her oldest children are on the plane with her, so she calls out over the radio "Abort, abort, there are children on board!"

And of course it caused me to get all teary eyed. (Even now typing the words, my eyes are filling up again.) It is well documented that I am NOT a pretty crier. I firmly believe that that (and a lack of all talent) are the only thing that have gotten in the way of my Broadway career. My eyes and nose get all red and splotchy instantly.

It's hard not to notice.

Even if you are a 9 year old boy. Deuce looked at me and said, "Why are your eyes all red?". Did I tell the truth? Heck no. I instead said, "Oh, I chocked on a bite of my sandwich". To which he innocently replied, "Oh I HATE that. It gets stuck right HERE and hurts." "Yes. It does", I said.

Yes. I lied to him about it.

And I'm ok with that. Why? Cause I'm pregnant. Which makes it ok for me to be just a little bit insane.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Going Home

It's always nice to go "home" for a bit. The Chief, Eldest, Deuce, Murph and I all went to visit family and friends for a couple of weeks. With the cost of gas, it's about all the vacation we might get, but we enjoy it none the less. The boys would live there I think if we would let them. Lots and lots to do at G-Ma's and G-Pa's house. Not to mention the fact that they can do no wrong there.

I happened to run into an old friend while we were there at the gas station (where my left kidney was removed to pay for the trip). Someone that I used to teach with in my home town. My last year there he moved up to an administrator's role, and is now the admin guy at the school.

He basically told me that when we are ready to move back home just to give him a call a little in advance and there will be a job waiting for me. "You can do a lot with adding sections when you want to". Which is teacher talk for I can make the classes smaller to have more of them so that you can get a job here. How awesome was that? It's nice to know that I have friend's and co-workers who think that much of me. Makes is sound like when the time is right, we really will be able to go home.

Wednesday, July 02, 2008


As the mother of an infant, it's amazing that I haven't had to discuss this topic before now.

It's only in the last few days with a couple of events happening in the house that I've been thinking about it way more than one would want.

I remember being about 7 or 8 and my parents calling my sisters and I into the bathroom for a family meeting. What happened next was a lesson on toilet paper usage. We were shown how to wipe, fold then wipe again. Aparently we had been using WAY too much. I remember thinking that my parents were insane. But then again this wasn't the first time I had thought that. But we were never called back for another TP conference, so I guess my sisters and I got the idea.

I need to have my parents offer the course again.

Our oldest boys arrived for the summer this weekend.

Since that time we've had two "incidents". The lesser is the fact that while doing laundry I've had to fold skid marked skivies. "I only use a piece this big to wipe my butt," was the response we got from Eldest. The bigger incident is that poor Chief had to unclog the toilet that had been filled to the brim with toilet paper. Well it had been clogged once, and then "used" the second time. "I had a whole lot of poop on my butt" was the response that time mubbled from Deuce. Even the steel stomached Chief about lost it on that household task. "Next time just get your @ss in the shower!" cried the Chief!

And here I thought that having Murph try to grab the poopy diaper would be the most disgusting thing I would have to deal with this week!