Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Everyone loves this picture of the 6 of us. Mostly because they laugh at the fact that my hair is almost completely covering my face. I laugh too. But as a mom who is usually behind a's nice to be able to prove for once that I really do exist!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Too much to say...

It's been awhile. I know that, and yet so much has happened in that time, that to try to sit down and acknowledge it all now would be impossible.

Turk is a Boy. That should be said at least. And the itchy bitchies that I last wrote about were real. It caused us to up Turks arrival by a few weeks to try to limit any complications. It worked. He was fine and cried and is amazing.

Murph adores him. I mean ADORES him. Murph calls him Doe, which is no where near his real name, but to Murph it means something. Turk is equally impressed with his big brother. As soon as he sees Murph his face just lights up. I was so worried about how they would get along. I shouldn't have given it a thought. For now at least they are best friends.

I am SO blessed. I have these amazing boys in my life, who to be honest I probably don't deserve, but I'm keeping them.

I'm a home owner now. At least I will be in 29 years, 11 months, give or take. I love the idea of us being "settled" for now and having a place to call our own!

Life is good