Friday, November 30, 2007

Tis the season....

Last night we took Murph to our local super duper do it all retail center. This is the same place where I get my truck serviced, the Chief gets his haircut, we buy groceries, and occasionally enjoy a filet o fish. Last night our goal was to get pictures celebrating Murph's first 6 months. He was not amused. He did all right, but our normally happy, smiley could not find the humor in 3 adults making faces and funny noises at him. He looked so darn cute, but alas.... was more interested in his feet than looking at the camera. Good thing we only paid the Low Low price of 6.99. We'll try again next week with his holiday gear on.

Speaking of our trip last night. I noticed a bit of a theme when I unloaded the shopping cart. See if you can find a pattern.

Item 1 (ok, it was really was the ingredients to make item 1 which included chocolate, peppermint extract and candy canes)

Item 2 (a four pack of my liquid obsession)

Item 3 (because sometimes you aren't thirsty)

Item 4 (because Item 2 was only a 4 pack... and let's be realistic, the way I'm guzzling those we really can't expect a 4 pack to last forever!)

Houston? I think I might have a problem. If I keep up with shopping trips like this it won't be long before I'm going to be decking the halls with pants that don't fit!


Tara said...

No problem! Just go back to your favorite store and buy bigger pants.

SMEge said...

I'm looking for something in polyester with an elastic waist band. That way I can just buy one pair and last me through the whole season!

thirdworstpoetinthegalaxy said...

Pants are highly overrated.

XOXO said...

Mmm. I love the holidays!