Thursday, February 28, 2008

While we are on the topic of balls.....

I am an animal lover. Wonderpup has been like my child for nearly 10 years. Granted, now that Murph is here he's more of a red-headed step child, but a child none the less.

That being said....I hate the neighbor's dog.

Ok, even that isn't fair to say, because I think that "Lacy, Laaacy, God Damn it Lacy" is a sweet enough dog. She just is starved for attention. The "Loudlys" are not nice to the dog. Even though they have a fenced yard, she is often chained up out there. She doesn't have a dog house, can only crawl under the deck. We did finally see them take the dog inside when the wind chill was sub zero, one time. Now that it's warming up she's back out on the deck.

Did I mention the deck was about 20 feet from my bedroom window. The window of a poorly constructed, lightly insulated, rental home?

So while they are in their house, stuffing thier oversized faces and those of their oversized children, the dog sits on a picnic table looking through the window and barks.

And Barks.


Last night I had had enough. Standing at the door screaming "Shut Up!" at the top of my lungs didn't seem to have any affect on "God Damn it Lacy".

So in a moment of weakness and idea came to me.


Anti-freeze meatballs.

But then that little angel who so rarely appears on my shoulder poped in to say hello.

"It's not the poor dog's fault," she said.

She was right, I knew that.

Then the little devil (who is there MUCH more frequently) spoke up

"Make the meatballs. Just leave them on the front porch as a gift for the Loudly's. They don't look like they would turn down free food"

Tempting. Verrrrry tempting.

I settled for yelling "Shut Up" one more time.

I figure using Antifreeze didn't work too well for that Jensen guy.

and I'm too pretty for jail.


Tara said...

Maybe you'd be doing GD It Lacy a favor by ending her misery. :( Poor pup.

Audreee said...

Poor things. You and the dog.

XOXO said...

you should just unchain her and let her free.

Mainegirl/Pauline said...

We've started an ongoing thread for the blogs on BC so we are going to make a siggy with all of the moms pics. If you'd like to be included, Please send a pic of yourself to Anelys and the name of your lo and her date of birth. Thanks!