Monday, March 24, 2008

War... Huh.... What is it good for?

This week we've been reminded countless times that the United States has been in a war with Iraq for 5 long years.

I'm not a political person, and won't start that now. People constantly look for some good to have come out of this situation, but for me I don't have to look far. He's tucked away in his crib sleeping as I type.

5 years ago Chief wasn't a Chief. He was just another first class getting ready to ship out. I happened to be at the home of his brother the night before he left for 9 months off the coast of Iraq. His family was all wishing him well, and I was handed the phone.

We had had a love hate relationship for years. I've known him my entire life you see. It was a good thing I never wore pigtails or he would have pulled them. He called me beautiful that night, and the next day boarded the ship to do a job he volunteered to do.

I got his email address shortly after that, and we started emailing. It wasn't long before it was an obsession. I would wake in the middle of the night to check my mail, and by the time he arrived home 9 months later and we talked on the phone again our lives were changed. He flew home a few weeks after that, and we have been together ever since.

I'm not political, but if not for this war, and that deployment, my life would be so very different.

And I can't imagine that it could be any better than it is right now.

War? What is it good for?



Carol said...

Wow! Powerful words. I love that photo of the three of you.

Tara said...

=) unmasked!

I love that photo, too. What a great spin you put on this sad anniversary.

Robyn said...

What incredible insight into your life. Loved reading that. Thanks for sharing!

Stacey said...

Dang you for making me cry at work!

thirdworstpoetinthegalaxy said...

I just wish all of the stories had happy endings.

[But not *that* kind of happy ending.]

[OK, maybe.]

julia said...

thank you for sharing, what a great way to look at it. and what a great family portrait.

XOXO said...

tears in my eyes!

wildhorse said...

very nice. You have a gift for words and putting things into perspective.

XOXO said...

Oh, and congrats on your anniversary as it seems to be! Your family is beautiful, well, minus the big guy on the left. ;)