Monday, May 12, 2008

I know I'm committed (or need committed) because...

It's nearly summer. (I say that on a less than "summery day", but go with it). And with the change of season comes the much anticipated change of wardrobe. Now this is NOT to say that I love my summer wardrobe. More it's that I HATE my winter wardrobe that much (to be fair come fall I'll feel the same way about my summer wardrobe).


But the other morning I had decided to wear a pair of Capri's. So non committal the Capri. Not quite a pant.... not a cellulite showing short.... Maybe it's the lack of commitment that draws me to those half pants.


So I had laid out the pants and realized that the reason my legs weren't cold is that they weren't bare. No, they had a bit of stubble to them. So in the shower I lathered up lefty (we'll call her Mary-Kate), grabbed my razor, and began. It didn't take more than 2 swipes to know that this razor was past it's prime. The spattering of blood droplets was my first clue.


Do I A) step out of the shower dripping wet in search of a new razor (with hopes that there IS a new razor) B) Wear something else. C) Carry on and suck it up.

I carried on. I finished Mary-Kate and started and finished Ashley. With all the red spots you would have thought I had the measles.

If nothing else. You HAVE to admire my dedication to the capri.


thirdworstpoetinthegalaxy said...

What a trooper!

I shaved off the skin on my left pinkie knuckle this weekend. True story. Was trying to shave my leg too quickly and somehow disaster struck and my pinkie intervened.

Bled through five band-aids before I was even done getting ready that morning.

The things we do for fashion.

XOXO said...

These are the reasons we should just forget about shaving altogether. Then again, that's just gross.

evelonies said...

at least it was only razor burn. . . i took off all 7 layers of skin once w/ a dull razor. it was right on a bone too - SO gross. . . and very, very bloody. ew. but i agree w/ what xoxo said - i say we just forget about shaving, it's such a pain! (literally and figuratively) but then, here i am, about to go shave my own legs. i'm such a hypocrite sometimes. . . :P