Friday, September 05, 2008

I was at the doctor's office today. When you are 28 weeks pregnant, the bathroom and the doctor's office are where you spend most of your time. While I waited at the window for the receptionist to help me I couldn't help but over hear the conversation between two of the nurses there.

"I think it's just awesome when a dad brings in their little one for an appointment."

"Me too. I know my husband would have never done that!"

I had to smile. When the receptionist asked if she could help me, I proudly said "Yes. I'm here to meet my husband. He brought in our little boy for his appointment."

The appointment today wasn't for me. It was for Murph. That was MY hubby that they were praising. I couldn't get out of work in time to get him there, so Chiefy came and got him and took him. I was glad he was there with us. So was Murph. We got the last of his shots before Kindergarten today. And Daddy is the BEST at making him feel better after Mommy holds him down and those mean nurses get him.

All hail the Chief!


XOXO said...

Oh my gosh! that means you only have like 10 weeks left. i mean that's a great story and what-not about chiefy, but oh man. turk will be here so soon!

thirdworstpoetinthegalaxy said...

Well done, Chief!