Saturday, January 23, 2010

My confessions

I'm a terrible "blogger." I admit it. I accept it.

I have gotten sucked into the world of Facebook.

I blame Turk.

When I was home on maternity leave after having him, it was this facinating place where I could go and find all these old "friends." I accepted every request sent to me, and sent numerous ones myself.

I'm nosy by nature. And this was the perfect place for me to go and find out what all these old "friends" had been up to.

Have you noticed my sarcasim yet?


These people aren't my real "friends". My real friends aren't in quotes, and I don't have to "request" to know what they've been up to since college or high school, or junior high, or that trip to europe.

Those people already know what I've been up to the last few years. Of the 300 "friends" I'd say about 275 are just acquaintances. People who have passed through my life... and either not valued me enough to still be in it....or the other way around.

It's not to say it's all been bad. I lost touch with many of those people just because our lives took us in different directions. It's been fun to catch up. But usually after that initial... OMG! I've missed you SO much! How have you been?..... it fades off.

Because I'm passive aggressive.... I just hide most of them, instead of deleting. I wonder how many of them have deleted me.

But of course I am pretty why would they do that?

But obviously they don't think so... or would we have needed Facebook to reconnect?

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