Wednesday, September 06, 2006

I have decided through peer pressure to begin my own blog. I have high hopes for my blogging adventure. Just as I had high hopes for the baby blanket I began when my sister told me she was pregnant. Of course, the blanket is a scarf, and the baby is 2 and a half.... but who says I won't finish it eventually? I am an excellent beginner. My issue is finishing what I have started. But I assure you that I will do my very best to inundate you with useless information about my life.

The world of blogging is new to me. I see those wacky kids with their MySpace accounts, and I wonder. How do they make it through the day? They are so artificially connected with everyone they meet! I swear they are getting dumber with each text message they send. Will they ever know the joy of actually talking to their friends on the house phone at 3 am. When they have to sneak and use it because there isn't a cell phone and if their parents found out they would be in big trouble? I remember actually dialing on the rotary phone at my parent's house, then laying on the bathroom floor whispering to my good friend until all hours of the night. Why didn't I talk to him that during the normal daytime hours you ask? Because unfortunately my Dad was the phone Nazi! Ahhhh.... the good old days of my dear Dad getting on the phone after 10 minutes to tell me to "Wrap it up." Now it would be no big deal because they could just IM or text or email or talk on their Razr phone.

I named my site "I am my father's daughter" for the sheer fact that each day I am turning more and more into him. Most men are warned that their wives will turn into her mother. My dear Chief could only wish that were true. But sadly for him I am more and more like my Dad every day. I find myself wondering why the kids on the phones can't just "Wrap it up" and do something else. And why they have to be out all hours of the night just to have fun. Any fun they can have they can have before crufew I tell you! And there in lies the second part of my Blog title. The "Damn it" part is because I was so sure that when I grew up that I was going to be hip and cool. Now it seems that I am just Hippy and Cold. Damn I'm getting old.

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XOXO said...

I can't believe it took me this long to get the message telling me of this site!! I'm really pumped. Check out my "beginning". It's great too.

So you know, I'm going to link you to mine unless you don't want me to. I'm sure some of the others will enjoy your antics.