Monday, September 11, 2006

I just had another of those moments where I realized just how old I am. I had one this weekend as well. This weekend, my dear nephew failed the written part of his driving exam. When I heard the news, I flashed back to one of my first days in my profession. You see I deal with 14-18 year olds on a daily basis. On that particular day, one of the dearies was getting ready to go get her license. I laughed and said I hope it's not like in that movie "License to Drive" with the two Coreys (you know the one where the cute Corey and his twin sister go to get their license and he fails, but is too ashamed to tell anyone so he just pretends that he got it anyway... then chaos ensues?) Anywho.... the girls response? No, it wasn't, "Yeah, I hope not!" Her response was "Who are the Coreys?"

I'll wait while you compose yourself. I know how you must feel. The absurdity of the girl not knowing the two Coreys hit me pretty hard too. At that moment. I thought. Wow. I am old!

I had that same realization today. Being that it is the 5th anniversary of September 11th, I thought I would lead a discussion on the topic. I asked the students where they were at the time that they heard the news. It turns out that the majority were somewhere in 4th grade. Ironic. You see when I was in 4th grade, I also witnessed a national disaster when the Challenger exploded. How many of you instantly thought of Christa McCauliff? So Anyway... when talking about where we were when big things happened, i realized that these kids weren't even born yet. A major memory of mine, and they were still about 6 years away from conception. I know that one day, they will have the same experience with the next generation. But by then I will be about 15 years even older! Sheesh!


Ryan said...

Time flies.

No doubt about it.

XOXO said...

Man, I barely remember the Corey's.

I think it makes me most sad that they have never seen Swiss Family Robison.

thirdworstpoetinthegalaxy said...

*I* have never seen Swiss Family Robison. Or ET, for that matter.

But I do remember the Corey's. They were both so dreamie in Goonies!

XOXO said...

=) Can you believe Galaxy of all people doesn't know the joys of that wonderful Swiss family? I mean, she writes about all of these bizarre movies, but doesn't know the classics. Sad day.

=) said...

I could loan you either Galaxy. I bought Swiss Family Robison because I love it. I received ET for Christmas one year from my Aunt. Coincidently it was the year that you could get ET for $5 with an Extra Value Meal. I think that was the last year we exchanged gifts with her.