Monday, February 18, 2008

Grandma Great's Grill

Before Flava Flav or Nelly had them, my great grandma was rockin some gold teeth. Not many, just a few, but that tended to make an impression on a little kid.

When asked how she came to have these gold teeth, she didn't just offer a standard answer, no Grandma Great had her own sense of humor. She said that if you lose a tooth, and don't put your tongue in the space left, you would get a gold tooth.

Everytime I lost a tooth I would try to keep my tongue away, but sadly I never got a gold tooth of my own. It's impossible to do, you know.

It seems Murph is doomed to have boring pearly whites just like me. He's gotten his first tooth, and more are on their way, and he can't leave them alone. Every time I look at him he either has his finger in his mouth or has his tongue stuck out.

I told him Grandma Great's story. He thought it sounded ridiculous.


XOXO said...

Oh the wit some people have.

thirdworstpoetinthegalaxy said...

I wonder if Flava Flav could remove his gold tooth, kind of like my grandpa does his dentures.

Cause if he did... you could totally pawn that whenever he took them out for a cleaning.

julia said...

that second picture just makes me happy. what a happy baby.